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As the parent or loved one of a person with disabilities it is important to secure the future of that loved one after your death. It can be an emotional and difficult reality to face, making it particularly important to discuss with a knowledgeable and caring attorney.

At Fernandez Elder Law LLC, I provide compassionate and experienced guidance to parents and loved ones who are looking for special needs planning advice. I can also assist with proper administration of an existing special needs trust to ensure government benefits are not jeopardized.

I am a knowledgeable elder law attorney and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My background in the healthcare system provides me with a unique perspective of special needs planning. I am qualified to counsel you about the best approach to ensure the future of that special person in your life.

Trusts And Guardianships

Typically, special needs trusts and guardianships are the most utilized tools in special needs planning.

  • A special needs trust can be established for the person with disabilities to improve the quality of the person’s life without disqualifying him or her from eligibility for government benefits, such as Social Security and Medicaid.
  • A legal guardianship may need to be established to ensure the proper individuals, which are often the parents, can continue to care for and make decisions for their child after the age of 18.

To learn more about Special Needs Planning, contact my office at 314-328-7164 or send us an email.